Store the chain inside the post!

Secure your driveway with a patented low-cost solution that allows the chain to be stored inside the post with a locking cap.


It's more elegant than an ordinary chain solution, and much lower cost than a gate.




  • Cost Effective Security

  • Elegant and Uncluttered

  • Attractive Design

  • Effective Use of Space


  • Locks can be matched allowing access to multiple sites by a single key

  • Galvanized or Powdercoat Finish

  • Made of 3/16" thick steel

  • Made in the USA with over 90% recycled content!

  • U.S. Patent #8,087,846



The DrivewayLocker was created by a former landscape architect (now company founder!) who was working with a fellow landscape architect on an elementary school project. They needed an inexpensive, yet nice-looking way to close off vehicular access to the schools' parking lots and play fields when school was out of session. This solution is great for many other uses as well, including surface parking lots, vacation homes, golf courses, cemeteries, and parks. Please contact us for more information.




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